Lifting Chair Sizes

Size Matters

Cows come in various sizes and so too does the Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter.

The following descriptions  will help you chose a lifter which is suitable for your situation. (Note that each lifting chair suits a wide variety of cow sizes)

   SMALL – Suitable for:

1.)  All  Beef  Breeds

2).  Jersey Cows




Manildra Cow - Jpeg 001Romag Jpeg







  Medium- Suitable For: 

    1 )   Dairy   x   Beef Breeds

   2)    Dairy Breed Heifers

Walsh Cow 8

Sherborne Cow 2

Walsh Cow 1


Walsh Cow 11

Large – Suitable For:

1)  Dairy Breed Cows

Burrawang Cow 1

Hoeger Cow 5






Pins Cow 2

Eldie's Cow -5

Maynard Cow - 2