Price and Shipping


The price for The Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter ™ is USD $450.00 plus shipping costs.


     In order to keep costs to a minimum and prevent unnecessary handling Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifters™ are sent to destinations around the world from our two central store houses located in                                    1) Wheatridge, Colorado, USA and   2) Jamberoo, NSW Australia.

For Shipment Within The United States

There are two choices:

1)  Normal Delivery which costs USD $80.00 and takes from 3 – 5 days for delivery.

2)  “Express Delivery”  which costs USD $300.00 and takes 1 – 2 days delivery

Shipment to Canada and Mexico

    Shipping costs vary as to particular locations but costs are approximately USD $110.00 with delivery taking from 5 – 9 days for delivery. (More exact delivery times and costs can be verified at the time of order)

Shipment to:   Europe, Asia, Africa,          South America, Russia

Shipping Costs are USD $110.00 with delivery taking from 8 – 15 days.


  • All shipping costs are subject to change and can be verified at the time of Purchase.

  • A tracking number will be emailed to you once the lifter has been sent so, you, the purchaser, can track its progress.